Years of Property Acquisition Experience 

With its strong and stable financial backing, Rashi Capital works closely together with agents, brokers and landowners to identify good investment possibilities in trending areas ripe for capital growth. Over time we have garnered a reputation as forward-thinking and highly trusted property investors.


Our team’s experience in Investment Management in Europe for over 20 years has taught us that no two investments are the same – so each project is appraised, negotiated and structured on an individual basis. Operating in this way offers us the best chance of making the deal work for all parties. 


Our tailored approach also complements our core values: honesty and professionalism. We never promise what we can’t deliver, and we pride ourselves on our imagination and flexibility. All this serves our number one priority - to build longlasting relationships with our partners.

Rashi Capital Ltd is a Private Limited Company certified under The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales (No. 12464010)